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Tunnel freezers are a class of processing freezers in which the product usually travels horizontally through a long enclosed space (freezing tunnel) and coldest air is circulated upward through the product. The product is conveyed through the tunnel by a series of stainless steel mesh belts. We can supply you with various tunnel designs that are ideally suited to your product.




  • IQF Quality by utilizing Fluidization Method.

  • Pre-assembled at our factory and fully tested.

  • Packaged as a single unit, arrives assembled and ready to be connected to services.

  • Built to USDA, FDA, UL, CFIA, OSHA and CSA - Specifications & Standards

  • Continuous inline food freezing.

  • Low reliable operation cost.

  • Savings in processing floor space.

  • High efficiency airflow and heat transfer.

  • Easy access to sanitation and maintenance.

Low operation cost

Low operation costs compared to C02, NITROGEN and other freezers. This is achieved with a high efficiency insulated enclosure, combined with our unique patented mechanical vibration and balanced airflow system.

Low investment

One of most economical freezer ever offered in this class. Every component of the freezer evaporator, conveyor belting, and high efficiency enclosure, is manufactured in our highly experienced engineering and manufacturing facility. We can afford to pass on the savings to you, our valuable customer, without sacrificing quality.


This freezer is generally used for IQF. Small product particle range from 3/16 to 2 inch diameter.

  • VEGETABLE INDUSTRY - peas, green beans, cut corn, mushrooms, vegetables, french fries, cob corn, diced carrots, diced onion, cut cauliflower, cut broccoli, cut asparagus, brussel sprouts.

  • FRUITS INDUSTRY - blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, cherries, gooseberries, raspberries, diced pineapples, sliced apple.

  • SEA FOOD INDUSTRY - cooked shrimp, skin on shrimp, scallops.

Freezing quality

Assures excellent product freezing quality and reduced shrinkage loss by continuously agitating the product during the crusting stage and the fluidization freezing stage. The positive and precise conveying of the product throughout its freezing cycle assures even freezing times.

Optional items

  • Frost Belt - extends time between defrost cycles

  • Sequential Defrost - for continuous operation

  • Side mounted Coils

  • Stainless Steel Enclosure


The Advanced CIP system provides a sanitary design of a high-efficiency, energy-saving cleaning solution for reduced operating cost, ease of cleaning, and trouble-free production.


Client Product Capacity Year
Les Pecheries Marinard Ltee
Shrimp 4,000 lbs/hr 2011
Nibai Inc
Rice 1,500 lbs/hr 2014
Oxford Frozen Foods
Blueberries 37,000 lbs/hr 2015
Great River Food
Meatballs 3,000 lbs/hr 2004
Valley Fine Foods
Ravioli 1,400 lbs/hr 2001


Dewatering the product and Spread evenly across the Freezer belt


Technical Information

We share 40 years of design experience with our clients.

We recognize that most of our clients have a great understanding of the big picture.

We understand that we are here to provide our knowledge and years of collective experience.