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Advanced Equipment has a long history as a premium high quality IQF freezer manufacturer.
A Few Of Our Clients - Find out about the Advanced Difference!

Joe Bejul - Planning Engineer, King and Prince Seafood:

"Peter makes the most reliable freezers in the market!"

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Fellipe Gonzalez - Production Manager - Don Lee Farms:

"When we bought the Advanced Freezers, we saw a huge difference.
Our downtime decreased tremendously, to almost nothing. Our production doubled!"

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Client Freezer Name Product Capacity Year
Peterson Farms Inc.
Modular Tunnel Freezer Cherries 20,000 lbs/hr 2003
Les Pecheries Marinard Ltee
Packaged Tunnel Freezer Shrimp 4,000 lbs/hr 2011
The Original Cakerie
Site Assembled Spiral Freezer Cakery Products 6,000 lbs/hr 2002
Bowers Shrimp Farm
Packaged Spiral Freezer Shrimp 4,000 lbs/hr 2014
Great River Food
Packaged Tunnel Freezer Meatballs 3,000 lbs/hr 2004
Harvest Select Catfish
Site Assembled Spiral Freezer Fish Fillets 2,000 lbs/hr 2003
Zinetti Foods
Tripple Pass Tunnel Freezer Pasta 500 lbs/hr 1997
Penobscot McCrum
Site Assembled Spiral Freezer Potato Wedges 8,000 lbs/hr 2000
Valley Fine Foods
Packaged Tunnel Freezer Ravioli 1,400 lbs/hr 2001
King & Prince Seafood
Poly Belt Tunnel Freezer Fish Fillets 2,000 lbs/hr 2002
Oxford Frozen Foods
Packaged Tunnel Freezer Blueberries 37,000 lbs/hr 2015
Foster Farms
Drag-thru Dolly Tunnel Freezer Chicken 50,000 lbs/hr 2009
Birds Eye Foods
Modular Tunnel Freezer Vegetables 30,000 lbs/hr 2008
Packaged Spiral Freezer Frozen Dinners 7,500 lbs/hr 2014
White Oak Frozen Foods
Modular Tunnel Freezer Tomoatoes 8,000 lbs/hr 2013
Janes Family Foods
Packaged Spiral Freezer Breaded Fish Fillets 1,800 lbs/hr 1991
Oxford Frozen Foods
Modular Tunnel Freezer Blueberries 60,000 lbs/hr 2012
Catalina Finer Foods
Packaged Spiral Freezer Potato Balls 3,100 lbs/hr 2015
The Mushroom Company
Site Assembled Spiral Freezer Breaded Appetizers 3,000 lbs/hr 2003
Chef Bombay
Single Pass Stainless Tunnel Freezer Egg Rolls 1,500 lbs/hr 2000
Camino Real Kitchens
Packaged Spiral Freezer Burritos 16,000 lbs/hr 2012
Randall Farms
Site Assembled Spiral Freezer Chicken 15,000 lbs/hr 2009
Nibai Inc
Packaged Tunnel Freezer Rice 1,500 lbs/hr 2014
Anacapa Foods
Modular Tunnel Freezer Strawberries 12,000 lbs/hr 2001
Trident Seafoods
Drag-thru Dolly Tunnel Freezer Salmon Fillets 1,500 lbs/hr 2000