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Advanced Equipment Inc. head office and manufacturing plant is located in Richmond BC, Canada.

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We also maintain a USA Sales and Customer Support office.

The More You Know About Freezers, The More You Will Look To Advanced IQF Freezers As Your Reliable Supplier

Advanced Equipment's Freezers are known worldwide as one of the premiere freezing systems available today!

Our Competitor is Our Self in order to deliver the best quality product to our customer. We are very proud of our quality construction that has led to our reputation for manufacturing economical, durable and reliable freezers.

We gain this by being one of the few manufacturers that allows very little outsourcing for our components. We realized that to control quality we had to manufacture in house, and that is exactly what we do for most components of our freezers.

Our Staffs of Professional Licenced Engineers have 31 years of freezer and refrigeration experience in design and manufacturing of freezers. They are ex-employees of past well known freezer manufacturer.

Our service and support are global.

We Test Your Freezer Before Shipping

Advanced Equipment Inc. leaves nothing to chance as each freezer is tested in our shop and be customer approved before shipping. This is part of our commitment to quality products and save customer's installation down time.

Research And Product Development

Has made Advanced Freezers what we are today.

If the idea of higher efficiency, less floor space with lower operating and equipment costs appeals to you call us for more information.

We utilize the most efficient mechanical refrigeration systems for freezing your products and lowering your operating costs. Our refrigeration equipment are designed and manufactured based on C.S.A., U.S.D.A., and O.S.H.A. standards


We Offer Reliability By Standing Behind All Our Promises

We know that freezers are usually pushed beyond their specifications. We offer freezers that perform as they are intended to perform. We never offer ideas that do not deliver the intended results. We always stand behind our promises.

Proven Engineering Knowledge Delivers Reliability

Our engineering designs are derived from field experience. Our licensed engineers have over 40 years of experience in providing solutions for the food freezing industry.

Design Assistance And The Willingness To Share Our Knowlege

We've accumulated a vast amount of knowledge specific to freezing all kinds of foods. We are always willing to share our knowledge with our clients, and together develop the best method of production. For every project, we serve our customer with most updated professionally engineered CAD design.

Professional, Dependable

Most of our clients are our long-term friends. We always offer over top service. At Advanced Equipment, we pledge to provide all our clients with service that is unmatched in the industry.

Solving Challenging Problems

We built our reputation on accepting unusual and innovative requests. We enjoy taking on technical projects that require a high level of experience and knowledge. When other companies aren't interested, we are! We will always commit to finding a solution for our clients.

Our Goal

Our goal is to manufacture the most RELIABLE, EFFICIENT, SANITIZED QUALITY FREEZERS for the food freezing industry.

Learning And Growing

No matter how well we know our business, we expect our professional engineers to listen to our clients and always continue to develop new ideas that produce results. Our philosophy of listening and learning will keep us at the forefront of our changing industry.

Communication Through Teamwork

Our sales team has procedures in place to communicate all orders with one another. When a client calls us for an update, as a team we are ready and will offer quick answers. We are prepared to maintain internal communication and have the expertise to undertake any project.


We are willing to share references and allow our prospects to travel to our client's facilities and hear firsthand our trials and tribulations.


Advanced Freezers will consider representatives worldwide, we are a IQF Freezer Manufacturer leading company with quality products and excellent reputation.

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Patents and Advanced Freezers

Ever wondered why Advanced Equipment can claim we offer better freezer quality and construction?
Reason is we hold key patents on IQF freezing.

Peter Y. Pao, President and Engineer at Advanced Freezer has been in the frozen food industry for many years. Peter holds patents on integral parts of IQF freezer manufacturing

Patent designs provide important advantages for Advanced Equipment Freezers. We also have other key element designs that we have not patented but do keep them secret.
There are many hidden advantages to an Advanced IQF Freezer.

Advanced Equipment manufactures almost every part of the freezer in-house in order to control product quality.
We manufacture quality components that we know will last...

Patent 4736594

United States Patent 4736594.
Method and apparatus for controlling refrigeration systems. Pao, Peter Y. M. (310 W. Rosewood, San Antonio, TX 78212)

Abstract: A method and apparatus for providing optimum control of a refrigeration system during both its cooling cycle and its defrost cycle. During the cooling cycle, the control system maintains operation of a fan for a predetermined period of time sufficient to fully evaporate the liquid refrigerant in the refrigeration system's evaporator coil. The control system initiates the defrost cycle only when the actual system parameters indicate the need to defrost. In the defrost cycle, the flow of hot gas and refrigerant is coordinated in a manner to minimize the amount of energy expended and to reduce thermal shock to the system, thereby eliminating unnecessary wear on the system components.

Patents 4281521

United States Patent 4281521.
Fluidized freezing. Pao, Peter Y. M.

Abstract: Articles of food to be frozen are delivered to an article conditioning conveyor and are maintained in a fluidized state by refrigerated air flowing upwardly therethrough. The conveyor is driven forwardly but is interrupted by at least one downward stepping movement, causing a thinning of the product bed and a rapid increase in air velocity to thus cool and separate the food articles preventing them from freezing to one another. The food articles are thereafter subjected to deep bed mass fluidization by flowing freezing air therethrough in a fluidized state.