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top 5 issues and solutions for the Tunnel Freezer

QUESTION - When my product comes out of the freezer it is in a frozen clump

ISSUE- This is due to fluctuations in air temperature and air distribution and lack of regular maintenance and product movement.

SOLUTION - Check uneven product loading, whether the coils are frosting, lack of regular maintenance, lack of air flow balance and product agitation.

QUESTION - My food is sticking to the belt

ISSUE - This is caused by not keeping the belt clean and dry and lack of product agitation.

SOLUTION - You should contact your freezer manufacturer for their recommendation

QUESTION - My motors and gearboxes break down/do not last as long as they should

ISSUE - This is caused by not following scheduled maintenance

SOLUTION - Check the couplings, bearings, perform regular maintenance alsocheck for water condensation inside the gear box

QUESTION - My food product is not getting spread evenly across the belt

ISSUE - This is caused by uneven loading of product. Product should be distributed across the full width of the belt. Check product agitation.

SOLUTION - Check the distribution shaker, air flow, and agitation and
You should contact your freezer manufacturer for their recommendation

QUESTION - My freezer does not pass sanitation tests (swab test)

SOLUTION - Add steam pasteurization

SOLUTION - Use ozone water when cleaning and defrosting.

At Advanced Equipment, we offer decades of engineering experience with regard to every project. We enjoy taking on unique requests that challenge our engineering know-how. We pride ourselves on manufacturing long lasting reliable tunnel freezers.


Our project manager along with our engineering team will answer all of our client’s questions. From the design stage, we review all our client's drawings. At the design stage, we consider many factors including capacity, freezing time, and volume.

We have gathered years of freezer manufacturing information, and we utilize our field knowledge towards our client’s new design. We are able to add features that will produce a higher performing freezer.

Features such as:
All spaces easy to reach
All surfaces are sloped for drainage
Minimal use of threaded parts
A drive system with all the major belt structures moved outside and away from the product area
And much more…

We understand that our clients expect us touse our decades of experience and engineering expertise when we are designing a freezer. As our team gathers information and specifications, they expose many possible unknown risks and concerns. By locating potential risks in the design stage, we can ensure that our freezers deliver the intended results.

We are proud of the freezers we manufacture.Our clients should feel confident in choosing our firm. When it comes to unique or out-of-the-ordinary freezers, we have the expertise and engineering know-how to deliver results.


Our team will assist you in all levels of production.

We believe in communication, and our project manager, expert engineers and designers, are ready to answer any question you may have. We maintain accurate records of production times and processes. We begin with the end goal in mind.

All tunnel freezers are designed to perfectly provide the intended results, and the intended capacity.


With our team, consisting of the project manager, field service managers, programmers, professional designers and engineers, as well as our manufacturing personal, we will provide reliable freezers and over-the-top service.

At Advance Freezers, our clients never leave. We have serviced our clients for decades. We build freezers that produce results. Our goal is to establish a long term relationship with all of our clients.

We provide solutions for all your questions